Thursday, January 29, 2009

Everybody Out!

Once again we're in the grip of a strike. It something of a national hobby, a good grève. In the UK the citizens tend to moan loudly about something they don't agree with; here in France they take to the streets to express their displeasure.
So hundreds of thousands of workers are protesting, 'comme d'habitude about a multitude of grievances.From wages,to working conditions,to redundancies, to lack of spending on education - but the bottom line is that the populace are fed-up with poor little Nicholas' handling of the econmic down-turn.
It's the first one he's had since he became president so that's pretty good by French standards.But public sector workers are letting him and his government know that they 'ain't going to stand for it! Like many countries in Europe right now they are feeling the pinch as unenployment and prices rise in unison.
So thousands are gathering at The Bastille in Paris today to send a sharp message to the Elysèes Palace.There's a feeling of anger mixed with malaise in France right now, so I fear this could be the first of many strikes this year.

I haven't been on strike. I've spent a fairly frustrating couple of days trying to set up a small website on which to showcase some of my writing. I think I've finally cracked it. I've set one up with google and I've downloaded a short story. I hope to put on excerpts from my other writings, but it's early days yet, both for me and the new Google service.
The link to the site is on the right hand side of this blog, entitled 'Jo's Writing Corner'.
If anyone would like to leave a comment please do so via this blogsite.
The website is a bit basic at the moment as I'm still finding my way round, and I think Google are adding features. I hope it improves...I've wasted quite enough serious writing time on the darned thing already!


The Weaver of Grass said...

I shall be interested to seehow it develops. One of the most frustrating things is writing and knowing that few if any are going to read what you have written - that is why I enjoy blogging so much. Good luck with it.

The Weaver of Grass said...

You certainly made headlines on our news last night - some demo by the looks of it I see the papers are saying this morning that it may well spread to other "democracies" in the light of the economic situation.

Jo said...

Oh yes, the French have a great way of letting their feelings be known to those in power.
The chant 'Sarko entendu...le homme de la rue'...'Sarko listen the man in the street' was typical of a French 'manifestation.' They have brought the act of protest down to a fine art !

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu visiting your blog

Annie Wicking said...

I've just read your story but couldn't find anywhere to leave a comments so I thought I'll leave it here.

Good story and I love the twist.

Best wishes,